Foyle Search and Rescue operations assisted by new drones

A new fleet of drones is helping to assist search-and-rescue operations along the River Foyle.

Foyle Search and Rescue overhauled its drone programme this year, with the addition of six new drones.

The charity, which is based in Londonderry, was formed in 1993 by local people in response to an alarmingly high number of lives being lost in the area that year.

The suicide prevention charity works with a number of local agencies to help preserve life in the north west.

New additions to the team's fleet include ultra-lightweight deployable drones and a new flagship heavyweight drone with thermal imaging.

The heavyweight Matrice 300 drone, which is named Delta November 1, can be deployed in low-visibility operations and during adverse weather conditions.

The drone is named in honour of the co-founder of the Foyle Search and Rescue drone team, Danny Nelis, who passed away in 2019.

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Video journalist Mike McBride