Health minister Simon Burns on NHS reforms in England

A health minister dismissed claims there was little support for NHS reforms from within the Cabinet and from health bodies as "tittle-tattle".

Simon Burns said the changes would lead to more money invested in front-line services, and the NHS needed them to modernise.

He spoke after Tory blogger Tim Montgomerie claimed he did not know of a senior Tory MP who thought it had been handled well.

During the interview, Mr Burns offered to supply details of health bodies that backed the changes.

He later supplied quotes from: the Family Doctor Association, The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Royal College of Surgeons, National Association of Primary Care and NHS Alliance, Johnny Marshall, formerly of the National Association of Primary Care, Chairman of the National Association of Primary Care, Chair of the independent NHS Future Forum Steve Field, a Cheshire GP involved in a Clinical Commissioning Group and Ken Aswani, a GP in London.

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