David Cameron
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Budget row beckons

Any day now, we're told, the Prime Minister will make a significant speech in which he'll set out his vision for Britain's future with the EU.

Until he does, there are plenty of his own backbenchers happy to set out the direction for him.

And the Labour leader, Ed Miliiband, whose party joined many Tory Eurosceptics last month in calling for a cut in the European budget, has been setting out his prescription in an interview in the Sunday Telegraph.

Mr Cameron has a chance to show if he's heeding the calls of his backbenchers when he goes to Brussels to try to agree on that budget for 2014 to 2020.

The Political Editor of the Independent, Andrew Grice, joined Carolyn earlier to look ahead to a political week which also includes the CBI annual conference and a key moment in the debate on prisoner voting rights.

First that Brussels meeting on Thursday.

Did he think there was any chance of achieving either a feeze or a cut in the budget?

  • 18 Nov 2012