Euro Moments: Thatcher says 'no, no, no' to Europe

This is part of a series of clips from the BBC archives on the subject of the UK and the EU - this clip taken from BBC News, was first broadcast on 30 October 1990.

"No, no, no," Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher defiantly declared in the House of Commons amid calls for greater central control in Europe.

She was responding to a call by European Commission president Jacques Delors' for the European Parliament to be the democratic body of the European Community, the commission to be the executive and the Council of Ministers to be the senate.

The now infamous soundbite by the Conservative premier came during a time of increasing divisions within her party over the issue of Europe.

And it proved too much for Sir Geoffrey Howe who resigned from government two days later. Mrs Thatcher herself was ousted from Downing Street by her party a few days later.