MP calls for 'sensible and considered compromise' on Brexit
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MP calls for 'sensible and considered compromise' on Brexit

Conservative MP Antoinette Sandbach, who supported Remain, has told BBC Newsnight: "The decision was taken [in the EU referendum] that we would leave the political institutions of the EU but not how. That question of how we leave is incredibly important and why we need a pragmatic Brexit that preserves that close economic partnership whilst leaving the political institutions."

Ms Sandbach criticised Boris Johnson who recently described the so-called "customs partnership", which has been supported by Theresa May, as "crazy".

The MP said: "My constituents don't like cabinet ministers openly rubbishing the plans of the prime minister in public. They want a sensible and considered compromise. Those that are arguing from an ideological perspective are in the wrong place compared to the vast majority of us at Westminster."

  • 18 May 2018