'Neither Remainers nor Leavers want this'
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Jo Johnson: ‘Neither Remainers nor Leavers want this'

The government should give the public a chance to say whether they want to proceed with Brexit, now a deal has been secured with the European Union, the former UK transport minister Jo Johnson has said.

“Now that we know what the concrete reality of a negotiated Brexit is, we go back to the people and say: ‘You wanted Brexit, this is the negotiated Brexit which the prime minster has delivered, it is the only Brexit that is negotiable, that is on the table, now over to you. If you want it this is it, if you don’t want it there is an opportunity to reconsider that decision',” he said.

It would be a “travesty of democracy to ignore the public,” said Mr Johnson, adding that “Neither Remainers nor Leavers want this Brexit and that’s because it is the worst of all worlds.”

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  • 28 Nov 2018
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