Brexit: ‘A wall of noise and confusion’
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Brexit: ‘A wall of noise and confusion from Westminster'

The responsibility for providing alternatives to a no-deal Brexit lies with UK, the Chair of the Irish Senate’s Brexit Committee, Neale Richmond, has said.

“We need a legal basis, a guarantee that protects that peace,” he told BBC Hardtalk’s Stephen Sackur.

“We are simply not getting that alternative from the UK, all we are getting is a wall of noise and confusion from Westminster,” said Mr Richmond.

The British government has responsibilities that they cannot walk away from and try to blame it on the Irish government or the European Union, he added.

There are concerns that a no-deal scenario would lead to a return of border posts between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and could jeopardise the Good Friday Agreement.

You can see the Hardtalk interview in full on Wednesday 7 August 2019 on BBC World News and the BBC News Channel and after on BBC iPlayer (UK only).

  • 07 Aug 2019
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