'Wives of these men inhaled the asbestos'
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'Wives of these men inhaled the asbestos'

A solicitor representing women who contracted a fatal lung disease after breathing in asbestos fibres from their husbands' work clothes believes they need to be properly compensated.

Euan Love told the BBC that the current payout scheme did not cover this particular group of people.

He explained: “In our experience the majority of these individuals tend to be women, frequently spouses of men who brought home asbestos covered overalls, washed overalls and inhaled asbestos fibres and have developed mesothelioma - they are not eligible for any application in terms of this scheme.

“Because, although they were exposed to asbestos because of an employer’s negligence, they were not an employee and, therefore, not eligible for this scheme."

  • 04 Jul 2017
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