Lifting lockdown in Scotland: What can we do, and when?

The Scottish government has set out a four-phase plan for easing the lockdown.

Everything is provisional - for instance, there will have to be evidence that Covid-19 transmission is being controlled - but if all goes well, this is what we can expect.

On Friday, the country entered the first phase of the Scottish government's four-phase "route map" for restarting society while attempting to suppress the virus.

Phase two will happen when the virus is considered "controlled" and the R-number is consistently below 1. The health service must have adequate capacity and the test, trace and isolate system will be running effectively to suppress transmission.

Phase three will happen when the virus is considered "suppressed". Many workplaces will have adapted, and the test and trace system will be able to quickly respond to any areas that need particular attention. Life will feel closer to normal.

We will finally move into phase four when the virus remains suppressed at very low levels and is no longer considered a significant threat to public health. The government says it could take many months or longer to get to this stage.