Sturgeon: 'Significant questions' over Alex Salmond's election bid

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said there are "significant questions" about Alex Salmond's political comeback.

Her comments came after Mr Salmond revealed he would be among the new Alba Party's regional list candidates.

The former first minister said his aim was to build "a supermajority for independence" after the May election.

In response, the Scottish Conservatives wrote to Scottish Labour and the Scottish Liberal Democrats and urged them to work together.

But Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar accused the party of playing games and added: "This election cannot be about an SNP psychodrama."

And Scottish Liberal Democrat campaign chairman Alistair Carmichael insisted that the politics of Tory leader Douglas Ross were "far too dark and divisive".

As the news of the new party broke on Friday, other Holyrood leaders questioned Mr Salmond's character.