Stewart Hosie
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SNP conference: Stewart Hosie says Labour shouldn't be 'arrogant' on talks

The deputy leader of the nationalists believes it would be "high-handed and arrogant" of the Labour Party not to talk to the SNP in the event of it wanting to form a minority government.

Stewart Hosie, speaking ahead of his party's spring conference in Glasgow, said: "If Ed Miliband is seriously saying he could run a minority government without speaking to the SNP, if the polls are to be believed, that is a very dangerous tactic for him to take."

He added: "It would be high handed and arrogant for there not to be negotiations [between Labour and the SNP].

"We are talking about the will of the Scottish people - if they vote in a way perhaps the polls are suggesting where the SNP has had a substantial lead over Labour for six months, where UK polls are suggesting a hung parliament, with the SNP in a pivotal position.

"If Ed Miliband is seriously saying he would discount the wishes of the Scottish people, he would discount the wishes of the 70% in Scotland who think an SNP/Labour deal is the most favourable outcome - I think that is a very, very high risk strategy for the British Labour Party."

  • 28 Mar 2015