David Mundell: 'No talks until Brexit complete'
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UK government minister David Mundell: 'We are saying no at this time'

Minister David Mundell says the UK government will not be entering into negotiations about a second independence referendum until the Brexit process is complete.

He was speaking on the day MSPs voted for a motion asking for another referendum on the issue to take place.

Mr Mundell told the BBC: "This is about what is fair, what is legal and decisive - those were the terms set for the referendum in 2014 and it simply wouldn't be fair to hold a referendum during the Brexit process.

"People need to know if there is to be a referendum what the choices on offer are, and until the Brexit process is complete people couldn't possibly know what the alternatives were.

"So, that is why we are saying no at this time, that is why we won't be entering into any negotiations at all until the Brexit process is complete."

  • 28 Mar 2017