Gay marriage plan 'barking mad' says Tory MP David Davies

Conservative MP David Davies says plans by the UK government to allow same sex marriages are politically "barking mad".

The Monmouth MP also said it would cause massive problems for faith groups and would have implications for schools, especially faith schools.

When the Westminster government published a consultation document on same sex marriage back in March it specifically excluded the idea of ceremonies in churches or other religious buildings.

It has now changed its mind and a formal announcement will be made this week.

It is happy for religious groups to host same sex weddings if they want to, while insisting that groups who do not want to cannot be forced to.

Prime Minister David Cameron is being backed by senior Tories including Education Secretary Michael Gove and London Mayor Boris Johnson, but many backbenchers including Mr Davies fear the proposal will drive away traditional Conservative voters.

Mr Davies explained his concerns to Vaughan Roderick on BBC Radio Wales' Sunday Supplement.

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