Education Minister Huw Lewis
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'No surprise' as Pisa ranks Wales' education the worst in the UK

Wales has fallen behind the rest of the UK significantly in reading, maths and science for the third time, an international study has shown.

The tests in science, maths, reading were taken by 500,000 15 year olds in 68 countries.

In Wales, there were lower results on average in the three subjects than in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Scotland leads the way in the UK in maths and reading, while England is ahead in science.

Wales' Education Minister Huw Lewis said the results were "disappointing" but come as "no surprise".

He told BBC Wales' education correspondent Arwyn Jones that Wales' education system "needed to take things to a whole new level".

Wales' Pisa rankings are worst in UK

  • 03 Dec 2013
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