Minimum alcohol price 'not nanny state'
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Minimum alcohol price 'not nanny state' law

The public health minister says a minimum price for alcohol is the most effective way to save lives.

Rebecca Evans has unveiled a law and believes tackling excessive drinking could save a life a week and mean 1,400 fewer hospital admissions a year.

Pricing is seen as a "missing link" in public health efforts, alongside better awareness and treatment.

Under a 50p-a-unit formula, a typical can of cider would be at least £1 and a bottle of wine at least £4.69.

But Ukip accused the Welsh Government of "sticking their nose in people's lives" and said the problem was not alcohol but anti-social behaviour.

Ms Evans emphasised that it was not a tax but would be tackle problem drinking by outlawing the very cheapest sales of alcohol by retailers.

  • 23 Oct 2017
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