Covid in Wales: Should schools shut early for Christmas?

Parents share their views about removing children from the classroom to give them enough time ensure their families can enjoy a safe Christmas free from concerns about Covid.

Schools in Blaenau Gwent will be the first in Wales to stop physical teaching, moving lessons online on Thursday.

Samantha Pearce said her 10-year-old daughter would have to attend childcare with children from "different schools around the borough and, to me, that is increasing the risk".

But former primary school teacher Victoria Rosser, 34, from Cwmbran, said she has decided to take her children, aged five and eight, out of school a week early.

"This gives us enough time to ensure they don't come into contact with any positive cases in the next two weeks," she said.

Most Welsh local authorities have said schools should remain open until 18 December, despite calls from some unions to end lessons early.

The Welsh Government has said it "would expect schools to operate as usual" unless there were "exceptional" public health reasons.