Pride: The fear, regret and elation of coming out

Coming out remains a watershed moment for many in the LGBTQ community, sometimes inspiring fear, regret - and also elation.

As Wales prepares for the 36th annual Pride Cymru celebrations, people from across the country have shared their stories.

They described their experiences as part of a new documentary on BBC Radio Wales and BBC Sounds.

They spoke frankly, sometimes in strong terms, about their lived experiences, how they define themselves and the reaction of others, both good and bad.

This year's Pride celebrations will once again be held largely online due to Covid-19.

Story by Gemma Dunstan

Filmed by Nick Hartley and Max Evans

Produced and edited by Nick Hartley

Graphics by Gwyndaf Hughes

Coming Out: From Secrets to Social Media will be on BBC Radio Wales at 18:30 BST on Thursday 19 August and on BBC Sounds