Former US President Jimmy Carter speaking to Kirsty Wark
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Jimmy Carter on Ukraine, women's rights and Edward Snowden

Former US President Jimmy Carter has told Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark that if he were still at the White House, he would consider pardoning Edward Snowden.

President Carter said he felt that sending Mr Snowden to prison for life would be out of proportion, considering the harm the former National Security Agency contractor had inflicted on the USA.

Edward Snowden now lives in Russia after fleeing the United States via Hong Kong in May, having revealed extensive internet and phone surveillance by US intelligence.

The US has charged Mr Snowden with theft of government property, unauthorised communication of national defence information and wilful communication of classified communications intelligence.

Each of the charges carries a maximum 10-year prison sentence.

Kirsty Wark began the interview on the subject of President Carter's new book, "A Call to Action", which is about discrimination against women and girls.

She asked him whether he was troubled by elements of organised religion doing damage to women.

  • 04 Apr 2014
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