Nadia El Fani
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Having lunch during Ramadan – a controversial film from Tunisia

Tunisian film director Nadia El Fani is worshipped abroad and cursed at home.

She has won international awards and worked with renowned names like Roman Polanski, but her latest film, Neither Allah, Nor Master, screened at the Cannes and Berlin film festivals, has provoked a violent reaction back in Tunisia.

The film raises provocative questions about the status of secularism in a predominantly Muslim country and includes scenes of a restaurant that is serving food during fasting hours in the month of Ramadan.

Currently abroad, she has been the subject of death threats and could face charges of blasphemy if she returns home.

Sian Griffiths met Nadia El Fani at a conference in Canada and asked her, for BBC Africa, what she had hoped to achieve with her documentary.

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  • 11 Apr 2012