Women of Africa: Deaf-blind lawyer on typing to Obama

Haben Girma was the first deaf-blind student to graduate from Harvard Law School. Today the Eritrean-American fights for better education for deaf-blind people worldwide.

Ms Girma was born in California after her mother fled Eritrea in the early 1980s.

Growing up in the US school system, she benefited from accessible technology, such as a digital Braille device - something her elder brother, who is also deaf-blind, was denied in Eritrea.

Now she is working as a lawyer to try to improve access to this technology and challenge expectations of people with disabilities.

Earlier this year, she met US President Barack Obama.

Women of Africa is a BBC season recognising inspiring women across the continent. The first series, Africa's Unsung Heroes, introduces eight women who are making a difference in their country - and beyond.

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