British-Nigerian filmmaker Adeyemi Michael: All immigrants are conquerors

British-Nigerian Filmmaker Adeyemi Michael tells BBC Africa about the inspiration behind his short film, Entitled, which he describes as a "fantasy documentary" re-imagining the first-generation immigrant experience.

The film has attracted attention for its traffic-stopping sequence featuring Adeyemi's own mother, dressed in full Yoruba finery, riding a stallion along a South London high street.

Adeyemi says he has his producer, Fiona Lamptey, and production team to thank for making a practically challenging shoot run so smoothly.

A celebration of motherhood and the preservation of one's cultural heritage, its message is both personal and universal.

Entitled has been selected to be screened this week at the 2018 BFI London Film Festival.

Watch the full film here: Random Acts, Entitled

Video Journalist: Rupert Waring