Tunisia protests: Why are young Tunisians protesting?

Life-changing events that re-write the rules rarely come with instruction manuals. When Tunisians overthrew the autocratic President Ben Ali in 2011, their core demands seemed to be simple - jobs, freedom and dignity. But over the years, the 'simple' got complicated.

Ten years on, Tunisia's democratic change has fallen short of mending economic and social inequalities. Almost every year, thousands take to the streets demanding change.

In this short film, the BBC's North Africa correspondent Rana Jawad, examines the underlying struggles beyond the people's core demands, as young Tunisians strive to shape the post-revolution dream.

Cameraman: Sami Fakhet

Video Editor: Jameisha Prescod

Illustrator: George Wafula

Producer: Akwasi Sarpong

Executive Producer: Marko Zoric

BBC News