Pakistan farmer's son catches footage of snow leopard

People in the village of Nazimabad in north-east Pakistan still remember the day a farmer's son let a snow leopard kill a dozen of his sheep just to capture a glimpse of the elusive animal on his camera.

Using a basic camera that is only good in daylight, Imtiaz Ahmad waited outside his family's cattle pen for five hours on a freezing March night in 2012.

He was able to get just a few seconds of video of the snow leopard entering the pen, and then leaving.

The total loss - worth about $1,000 (£650) - was a financial disaster for the family and Ahmad had to face the ire of both his relatives and neighbours for not trying to prevent it.

"A videographer's first instinct is that you don't interfere with nature. You capture it as it is," Ahmad says.

This footage has been slowed down.