Bonita Norris on Mount Everest
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Mount Everest: What is it like to reach the top of the world?

The annual climbing season is getting under way at Mount Everest base camp, a year after the largest recorded loss of life.

Most expeditions up the mountain planned for 2014 were cancelled following an avalanche which killed 16 Sherpas.

In the 62 years since it was first conquered, more than 3,000 people have made it to the summit of Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth.

To start a series of special reports from Everest's base camp, BBC News spoke to three of those people about how they felt on their first experience at the top of the world.

Bonita Norris is the youngest British woman to reach both the summit of Mount Everest and the North Pole.

Ranulph Fiennes made it to the summit on his third attempt.

Kenton Cool is one of Europe's best mountaineers and holds the highest success rate of any Everest guide. In May 2007 he summited the peak twice in one week.

Video journalist: Thomas Martienssen

  • 07 Apr 2015
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