Boys wearing the Chokha, Georgian national costume
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Close-Up: Why Georgia's national costume is back in vogue

This BBC News series focuses on aspects of life in countries and cities around the world. What may seem ordinary and familiar to the people who live there can be surprising to those who do not.

Twenty years after declaring independence from Soviet Russia, Georgia is rediscovering many of its cultural traditions - including the national costume, the Chokha.

Worn by Georgian men for over a thousand years, the high-necked wool coat was rarely seen during Soviet rule, but is now making a comeback.

For many it symbolises the country's proud past and resistance to its occupation.

Georgian designers are now producing modern versions of the Chokha, including a controversial version for women.

Damien McGuinness has been to the capital Tbilisi to find out more.

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  • 10 Jul 2011
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