French Air Force Mirage fighter
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Russian TV shows RAF close encounter

The day after Russian military jets were reported to have encroached on UK airspace, Russian TV released video of a previous incident where UK and French jets escorted a Russian bomber which had flown into western European airspace.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman confirmed that the Russian TV pictures did not show the incident over Cornwall on 18 February, but were more likely to have been filmed from the cockpit of a Tu-95 Bear long-range bomber in January 2015. The video shows RAF Typhoons and French Mirage jets flying in close proximity as the Russian plane is escorted out of European airspace.

In 2014, quick reaction alert aircraft were scrambled eight times in reaction to encroachment by Russian military aircraft.

Prime Minister David Cameron said the Russians had been trying to make a point which he would not dignify by commenting on.

  • 19 Feb 2015
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