Memes and cartoons: Azeris' new form of protest

People in Azerbaijan have taken to social media to express their anger at the government ahead of the first European Games, which will be held in the capital, Baku, in June.

Many Facebook users in the country, which has no independent mainstream media, changed their profile pictures to show a black ribbon after 15 people were killed in a fire apparently caused by flammable panelling used to give buildings a facelift ahead of the games.

Cartoons have been posted on popular opposition-minded Facebook pages Meydan TV and Etiraz ("Protest" in Azeri) mocking President Ilham Aliyev, with one imagining him setting a baby on fire - a reference to the death of several children in the blaze.

Facebook users are also using cartoons to express frustration at the country's recent economic downturn, and to lament the wider population's perceived reluctance to rise up against the current government.

Video produced by BBC Monitoring's Alexi Peristianis and Sevinj Abdullayeva.

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