Working Lives Berlin: Musician

Roger Baptist, otherwise known as Rummelsnuff, worked as a bouncer for many years before he made music his full-time career.

He has over three million hits on YouTube, a record deal and a film in the pipeline. The 49-year-old lives on a former World War Two barracks.

"It's not Beverly Hills," he says as he gives me a tour.

He has an improvised recording studio, and the music he produces earns him just enough money to do what he wants.

"The danger for Berlin, especially inner-city Berlin, is that people move there and because it's a clubbing neighbourhood [they complain] it's too loud, they make reports to the police and the clubs have to close," he says.

"We need a loud inner city otherwise it gets boring."

Rummelsnuff is a mixture of Popeye meets electropunk - mainstream he is not.

Like many musicians, he was drawn to Berlin for its energy, open attitude and affordable rents.

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