Orphan village helps Russia rethink fostering

Russia has long struggled with overcrowded children's homes and a large number of orphans in need of housing, due in part to continued changes in government during the past many years.

These challenges were further brought to the country's attention when in 2012, after years of international adoptions, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law a ban on Americans adopting Russian orphans.

But for more than a decade, a small orphan village south of Moscow has been experimenting with what the founders think may be a novel solution to support both foster children and the families who take them in.

And now the Russian government is also pitching in financially to help support this experimental community.

BBC Pop Up, the company's travelling bureau, has relocated to Russia for a month in order to film stories suggested by their viewers. The team visited Orion community village after they received an email from a viewer asking them to look into adoption and fostering.

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Produced by BBC's Matt Danzico, Emma Wells and Maxim Lomakin

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