Holocaust survivors: The families who weren’t meant to live

A group of Holocaust survivors and their families gather in Prague’s Old Town Square to recreate a photo that was taken in 1945, when the survivors had just been liberated from Nazi concentration camps.

The survivors were part of a group of children flown to the UK to start new lives after World War Two. Unlike the Kindertransport - which rescued thousands of children in the early years of the war - this group had been through the concentration camps and survived against all odds.

BBC reporter Hannah Gelbart, a granddaughter of one of the survivors, tells the story of the orphaned children who had everything taken from them, and re-built their lives together.

Reporter and editor: Hannah Gelbart

Filmed by Jemma Cox

Produced by Annie Duncanson

You can see The Families Who Weren't Meant to Live on BBC World News at varying times over the weekend of 20 and 21 July 2019.