New Greek PM Mitsotakis on lack of women in government

Greece's new Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, has said he wants to see more women take on roles in politics - the current cabinet of 22 has just two women.

He told Hardtalk's Zeinab Badawi that there were not many women "who were interested in stepping into politics these days".

He said: "We put a quota for women, 40% of our candidates were women, which is a big step forward. But if you look at the composition of parliament, we don’t have 40% of women in parliament...

"I asked a lot of women to join the cabinet, they were much more hesitant than men to do so. So I’m not happy about our gender composition, I openly acknowledged it.

"The women that we have are extremely capable, I’m sure they’re going to do a fantastic job and I’m sure that they’re going to help other women to join the cabinet when we have our first reshuffle."

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