Why did Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban turn on George Soros?

George Soros was born in Budapest in 1930 to Jewish parents. He survived the Holocaust and later fled Hungary when the Communists seized power, to become one of the richest men and one of the biggest philanthropists in the world.

He has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in Hungary funding free school meals, human rights projects and a new university.

But Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his populist nationalist government claim Mr Soros has a secret plot to flood Hungary with migrants and destroy their nation. An accusation denied by Mr Soros.

Mr Orban in turn is accused of running a state funded media campaign to vilify Mr Soros and reviving ancient anti-Semitic stereotypes.

It is claimed Mr Orban was advised to make Mr Soros into a hate figure for political gain by a Jewish American political consultant. The accusations have been denied by the Hungarian government.