Natalia Kaliada: When will the EU wake up on Belarus?

The European Union’s response to Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko is shameful, one of the founders of the Belarus Free Theatre has said.

Natalia Kaliada told BBC Hardtalk’s Stephen Sackur that the EU’s lack of action is making it look like a dictator is stronger than democracy.

Belarus’s capital, Minsk, has seen mass protests in recent weeks following a disputed election which gave President Alexander Lukashenko a further term in office.

There have been violent clashes with opposition demonstrators and multiple allegations of police brutality.

EU leaders recently agreed to a variety of measures over Belarus including imposing sanctions on officials involved in alleged election-rigging, brutality and imprisonment of protesters and have offered help in trying to mediate talks between the government and opposition to find a way for a peaceful transfer of power.

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