Working Lives Havana: Efrain Leon

With the restrictions on the Cuban economy loosened in recent years, fisherman Efrain Leon and his colleagues set up a cooperative and are now much freer to chart their own course.

He is the captain of their small 25-footer vessel and says fishing is in his blood.

"I love the sea. I dream every day of going out to fish. I like the big game fishing: sharks, swordfish, marlin."

A hint of Hemingway in his soul, perhaps. But Efrain is also becoming an increasingly canny businessman.

"We divide this among five people" he explains. "That way, we have enough to get through the week."

It's a tough life, both physically and economically, but Efrain knows no other.

Despite the days lost through poor weather or the rising costs of fishing tackle, he's confident that the industry can continue to provide for him and his young family.

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