Working Lives Havana: X Alfonso

Cuba's youth perennially complains of boredom saying that there aren't many affordable options for an evening out in Havana.

Musician X Alfonso thinks he may have found a solution, an arts and music venue, 'Fabrica de Arte Cubano' (FAC), that wouldn't look out of place in Berlin, Barcelona or Brooklyn.

"The whole team of 'Fabrica' we decided to make a place that we would like to go," explains X. "That was the idea: where would you like to go and what would you like to do there?"

On any given night the Fabrica involves photography exhibitions, fashion shows, documentary film, two live music venues, stalls for local designers and artists, plus half a dozen bars. All under one roof.

"It's a new concept to attract the public to see art, things that maybe they would not do if everything wasn't all mixed like here in La Fabrica," X says.

It was a brave move. The site is state-owned, the events and bars inside it are private business - a unique experiment in the arts in Cuba.

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