Meet the angels of Rio's favelas and their creator

Street art is everywhere in Brazil, especially in the megacities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Where there is a wall, there’s art.

Marcos Rodrigo Neves, also known as Wark Rocinha, 31, started tagging walls in his neighbourhood of Rocinha, the country’s biggest favela, 14 years ago.

His most recognisable character, an angel, can be seen everywhere in the city and beyond.

“It is great because, through the angel, I have a dialogue with the city. I can talk about love, family, social issues, politics, everything.”

Marcos' work is getting recognition, and he can now make a living from his art. “The place where I always prefer painting is in the favelas, this is where I lived all my life, this where my art was born. In the favela my work is free, but in the nice neighbourhoods I get paid to paint inside rich people homes”.

In just a few days the Olympic flame will arrive in Rio, and Marcos has been chosen to be one of the torchbearers carrying the flame through Rocinha.

Video Journalist: Bruno Boelpaep