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Syria: Is it time to intervene? Part 4

The deepening crisis in Syria is the most pressing foreign policy challenge in the world today. Many want to see outside intervention to hasten the demise of the Assad regime but are divisions inside and outside Syria crippling efforts to bring an end to the violence?

Joined by activists, experts and thinkers - all of whom are intimately involved with the unfolding and worsening crisis in Syria - Stephen Sackur hosts the BBC World Debate from Paris.

Watch the discussion - Syria: Is it time to intervene?

Part 1 The likelihood of intervention, the role of Russia and is there is a moral imperative to act?

Part 2 Syria's opposition groups - what do they want from the international community?

Part 3 Waging war by other means and would the violence worsen if there is a military intervention?

Part 4 The role of dialogue and should President Assad be a part of it?

Part 5 The route to peace

The World Debate is broadcast on BBC World News and BBC World Service.

  • 31 Jul 2012