Webscape: Video editing software for Hollywood movies

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It is fun to dabble with video editing but if you want to get a bit more serious, check out Lightworks, a comprehensive editing suite that is powerful enough to have been used to help produce Hollywood movies such as Mission Impossible and Batman.

The free version is packed with features and effects with an upgraded to pro if you want more professional input and output methods.

Ever get the feeling you are being followed? That is kind of the whole point with Twitter but the concept is taken to the edge of creepiness with a free iOS app, ShadowMe.

Going beyond a simple "follow" this app lets you shadow a particular account, seeing everything public that they see.

For a less-creepy thing to do with your iPhone, check out the Eddie Stobart app. It is not free but that will not matter a jot to all you trucking fans as it is beautifully made and you can keep an eye out for the famous distribution lorries as you drive about.

The winners of the 17th annual Webby awards were announced on Tuesday. The website has links to all the nominees and winners to explore and there is a YouTube channel if you want to watch clips from the night.

Active Google Plus users - of which there are now apparently 190 million - will have noticed a complete overhaul of the desktop design last week, and now the makeover is going mobile too.

The redesign added 41 new features, including a multi-column layout, larger photos and automatic hashtags.

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