US drone programme: 'Strict, fair and accountable' - Kerry

As the African Union marks its 50th anniversary, US Secretary of State John Kerry answered questions from young people from across Africa and also took questions from the BBC's global audience about his country's relationship with the rest of the world.

Asked about the deaths of civilians from US drone strikes, Mr Kerry said: "The only people we fire a drone at are confirmed terrorist targets at the highest level, after a great deal of vetting."

"We have not shot at very high levels targets when we see there will be collateral damage," he added.

Mr Kerry said the US has "one of the strictest, most accountable and fairest" drone programmes, adding they prefer to capture targets so they can obtain information.

You can watch the full interview on BBC World News on Tuesday 28 May at 1430 GMT and 2030 GMT and on the BBC News Channel on Wednesday 29 May at 0030 GMT. You can listen to the interview from 0400 GMT on Wednesday 29 May on the BBC World Service.

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