President Obama in Fairfax, Virginia
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Obama diagnoses a case of 'Romnesia'

At a campaign stop in Virginia, US President Barack Obama attacked his White House Republican rival Mitt Romney for shifting his positions as election day draws closer.

"He is forgetting what his own positions are and he is betting that you are too," Mr Obama said, giving the "this condition [Romney] is going through" a catchy name: "Romnesia".

He criticised Mr Romney for adopting more centrist positions on equal pay, contraception and abortion, as well as taxes and energy policy.

The Romney campaign hit back at Mr Obama's portrayal of their candidate.

"Women haven't forgotten how we've suffered over the last four years in the Obama economy with higher taxes, higher unemployment, and record levels of poverty," Virginia lawmaker Barbara Comstock said in a statement sent by the campaign.

Polls suggest that the election race is a dead heat, including in Virginia, a key state for either man's chances of winning.

  • 20 Oct 2012