BBC Pop Up asks Boulder residents what issues matter to them

Over the next six months a team of BBC journalists will explore the US, setting up a mobile bureau for a month in six very different regions of the country. First stop: Boulder, Colorado.

BBC Pop Up is bringing local stories to a global audience - and we want your help in identifying what issues matter most to your community.

When the team arrived in Boulder at the beginning of September they held a meeting to crowdsource ideas - now they have canvassed more opinions setting up a "confessional camera" in the city.

BBC Pop Up is looking for issues that will resonate in other parts of the country and internationally, but the project also aims to reflect the diversity of American life. So after a month in the famously liberal Boulder, the team will head to the conservative Deep South to spend October in Baton Rouge.

Produced by Matt Danzico and Benjamin Zand. You can also follow a behind the scenes blog on the Pop Up Tumblr.