Yemen conflict: US 'should remain disengaged'

In Yemen, the Shia rebels known as the Houthis are demanding a complete end to Saudi-led air strikes and a resumption of talks aimed at ending the conflict.

At least a dozen more attacks were carried out on Wednesday - despite claims by Saudi Arabia that it would end its air campaign.

The Houthis also continued their assaults - attacking the headquarters of an army brigade loyal to the government in the southern city of Taiz.

The BBC's Katty Kay discussed the situation with Kirk Lippold - the commanding officer on the USS Cole in 2000 when it was attacked by al-Qaeda in the port of Aden. He cautioned that the unfolding unrest is distracting the international community from the threat posed by extremist groups in the region.

"We're taking our eye off the ISIS ball to deal with the problem that's down further south," Commander Lippold warned.