My Lai massacre hero Hugh Thompson on being shunned

US military helicopter pilot Hugh Thompson helped stop one of the most infamous massacres of the Vietnam War.

In an interview first broadcast in 2004, Hardtalk's Tim Sebastian spoke to Mr Thompson about how it affected his life and whether he could forgive the soldiers involved in the massacre.

Mr Thompson and his crew found US soldiers killing civilians at the village of My Lai on 16 March 1968.

He put his helicopter down between the soldiers and the villagers and ordered his men to shoot their fellow Americans if they attacked the civilians.

He also called in support from other US helicopters, and together they airlifted at least nine Vietnamese civilians - including a wounded boy - to safety.

Little was known about Mr Thompson’s actions for decades.

Mr Thompson died in 2006.

You can see the interview in full on BBC World News and the BBC News Channel on Monday 19 March 2018 and after on BBCiPlayer (UK only).