Scandal of US teen locked up for years without trial

Tyler Haire, was a 16 year old with a long history of mental health issues when he was arrested for stabbing his father's girlfriend with a 10-inch butcher knife. He waited almost four years to get a mental evaluation before his case could go to trial.

He's slated to get out of jail in late 2018 - and he hasn't been treated since he's been incarcerated.

Dozens of legally innocent inmates are stuck in Mississippi's county jails every year, their trials delayed for months and years because the state is unable to give them a pre-trial mental evaluation. Local sheriffs are unequipped to deal with their mental health needs.

This story is a collaboration between the BBC and ProPublica. Read their in-depth investigation.

Reporting by Sarah Smith; Video by Olivia Lace-Evans and Nadia Sussman.