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It's an auspicious day on which to make this momentous change, for 18 April was the day, in 1930, that for the one and only time in its history, the BBC decided to use the phrase: "Good evening... There is no news."

Instead of its usual evening bulletin, which would last roughly 15 minutes, the Home Service played some piano music instead. Today, 83 years later, in an era of 24-hour rolling news coverage, internet and social media, the idea that there is nothing to report seems an act of reckless bravado or folly.

However, even at the time, the absence of an evening bulletin didn't go without comment. The Sunday Graphic newspaper reported its absence and were given this terse reply from the corporation: "The day's sport had been dealt with earlier in the evening, and at 8.45 we had no news worth broadcasting." Paper Monitor would have been in its element.

The BBC news editor of the time, one JM Rose-Troup, gave this justification in his review of the year: "A very definite standard of quality was aimed at, and when news of that quality was lacking, no padding was employed. When there was not sufficient news to fill the time allotted to the Bulletin no attempt was made to fill the gap."

So it's with that in mind, and part of our ongoing commitment never to be quiet, that we offer the continued service of the Magazine Monitor, including such favourites as 10 Things, your captions, your letters, as well as Paper Monitor. There will be some new things too - not least, from this week, what we believe to be the internet's most popular quiz of the week's news, 7 days 7 questions.