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Welcome to the Loop, the Magazine's new letters column, and in a new home too, more of which later.

Image caption Liberace works a cape and sharp suit

A shirt made out of gold was not, contrary to what you might think, part of the discussion about the style with which Liberace graced the stage, celebrating campness while taking legal action against publications which suggested he was gay.

Edwin Anthony, for one, said on the BBC News Magazine Facebook page that he couldn't be bothered about the debate, but did admire the showman's attire. "That style and demeanour he's sporting in the picture is what I'd call style," he wrote.

No, the golden shirt was actually made by Datta Phuge of India. Why he would decide to spend a quarter of a million dollars having his shirt made out of gold cloth was an issue which exercised Magazine readers.

"The answer is attention, duh!" wrote Elizabeth Bass on Facebook. Dylan wondered about the investment value of the shirt, but GMutongoi from Juba, South Sudan, tweeted that the money would be able to sustain 25 Indian families for a year. Phuge's answer was simple enough, though: "Some elite people want to own an Audi or Mercedes, and have big cars. I chose gold."

John Bain wilfully misunderstood why we should have asked if people would be prepared to spend the money that Phuge did. "I give up," he tweeted. "How is this question related to Margaret Thatcher? It must be - it's from the BBC - but I can't guess the link?"

He must think there was too much coverage of Baroness Thatcher's funeral. There's no other conclusion.

John McHugo's article about how coffee came originally from Yemen was fully of the kind of detail one might like to mull over while the coffee's being made. Martin Reichard, tweeting as @austrianinuk, picks out the revelation that the Austrian tradition of serving coffee with a glass of water comes from its Middle East roots. Jennifer Watkins tweets that the story "does explain the often religious attitude towards coffee". Jon Gosier tweets that he'd "like to order a Venti Vanilla Qahwa Latte". First reports of overhearing that in the coffee queue are welcome.

Finally, you might have noticed that this page has changed. If you haven't, you may leave now. But if you have noticed, we should explain that instead of publishing a few letters each day, we will now be doing this in more depth once a week. And you should also know that the new-but-old-look Magazine Monitor is now the home to 7 days 7 questions as well as other coming attractions. For those who are looking for our RSS feeds, we're told they are on their way. Delayed in internet traffic maybe.

Dragon from Concord, via our letter form (on the right of this page) treats our makeover kindly, saying: "Something looks different.... Did you get a haircut last night? Maybe you're parting it on the other side? Can't quite put my finger on it, but you look younger somehow." GDW of Edinburgh says simply "You've changed," proving to be an acute observer, though with a hint of the betrayed.

Rob Falconer from Landough asks why the Caption Competition has been renamed the Caption Challenge, wondering if it's "to conform to some new Facebook rule or does it mean we'll be getting even less in the way of kudos in future?"

Basil Long from Nottingham offers the kind of welcome one would want. "Nice new place you have here," he says. "If you need any help settling in, cup of sugar, Tunnock's teacake or the like, do let us know. Looks like you could do with a coat stand in the hallway though." He then predicts grumbles from people opining that "they remember when all this was teal".

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