Paper Monitor: 'I.AM.WILL.I.AM'

The Sun loves a bit of silliness.

The story isn't earth shattering, let's face it. A mere bagatelle.

Woman realises husband looks a bit like someone on the telly.

This is the tale of Karen Bojang who was watching The Voice and noticed an uncanny resemblance between her hubby Lewis and one of the show's judges,

The headline reads "I.AM.WILL.I.AM" (Although the online headline contradicts this one hundred per cent.)

The paper recounts the moment Karen did a double-take and "realised they are Black Eyed Peas in a pod."

His friends now call him Will instead of Lewis and strangers apparently give him a hero's welcome. "We've even had shop staff scurrying round and holding open doors for us before they realise there are no paparazzi or bodyguards," she says.

Lewis, who came to Bury from Gambia five years ago, has been told he could earn "up to £400 an hour" for impersonating the hip-hop star.

"I've always dressed in's style - but I can't yet afford his designer garments!" he says.

The icing on the cake is a box within the article - "…And we are not" - on what other famous Williams would look like with the side parting.

There's "heir apparent" Prince William, "hair con" William Hague, "much hairdo about nothing" for you know who (that famous Bard) and "cling on" for William Shatner. Someone's gone to a lot of trouble, haven't they?

All this inappropriate dotting can give you a headache. Paper Monitor's off for a lie down.

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