Paper Monitor: People wear clothes shocker!

It's Paper Monitor's teenage nightmare of turning up to a party in the same outfit as a taller, shinier peer.

The Sun is going some way to increasing that neurosis.

They've collected nine examples of "celebrity bessies sporting almost identical ensembles".

"Almost" is the key word here.

It starts with two members of The Saturdays wearing the same paisley print jacket.

But that's as near to identical as it gets.

Two singers both wear brownish dresses, while two actresses don white dresses. An actress and singer stand next to each other in sunglasses, while another singer and a model dare to wear hats.

If you were to follow this article as a style guide on what to avoid, you might really struggle.

"Self-proclaimed fashion icon Kanye West rocks statement outfit and now rapper and good friend Jay-Z has followed suit," says the Sun.

Or, in other words, they have both worn suits. They are not even the same colour.

If you aren't going to wear a suit, what would you wear?

Be careful, now. Because the writer claims she is "seeing double" when confronted with a picture of DJ Nick Grimshaw and professional teen heart-throb Harry Styles.

What did they dare to wear that were the same?

They "keep it simple" in "jeans, tees and trainers".

As do a fair whack of the male population. The rest are wearing suits.

David Beckham's choice to wear a sarong all those years ago is starting to make sense.

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