10 things we didn't know last week

1. It's not the "Spending Review", it's the "Spending Round".

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2. Plants can do maths.

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3. The European Parliament produces a colouring book about "Mr and Mrs MEP".

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4. The Queen has no passport.

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5. Adult male chimps throw at one-third the speed of a 12-year-old little league baseball pitcher.

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6. The shock wave from an asteroid that burned up over Russia in February travelled twice around the globe.

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7. Deutsche Telekom uses the slogan "Call & Surf Comfort via Funk".

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8. The US's first modern extradition treaty was signed with Ecuador in 1872.

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9. Ikea is designing flatpack homes for refugees.

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10. A reptile with knobbly growths on its head roamed the desert 260 million years ago.

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