Paper Monitor: Much Manilow

Pope on Copacabana

Small miracles for headline writers.

The sea of humanity on Copacabana Beach for the Pope's Rio de Janeiro Mass makes for spectacular pictures.

Some play it straight. "They came in their millions for the Pope's Copacabana beach party," goes the Daily Telegraph headline.

Others of a more cheeky bent can't resist a bit of punnery.

"The Popeacabana" announces the Daily Mirror above virtually a whole page aerial photo of the Rio shoreline covered in tiny antlike worshippers.

The Sun opts for song. "His name was Francis, he was the Pontiff. With yellow mitre on his hair, and robes cut down to thereā€¦ Popeacabana".

It's perhaps the first time the Pontiff has been compared to a character from a Barry Manilow song.

There are more puns in the Sun (no pun intended). A speech bubble attached to the seething mass of worshippers reads: "I can't Holy See a thing!"

Metro's headline writer chooses "At the Pope-ah!-cabana". The freebie paper has room for one last pun in its caption of Francis - "Mr Pope-ular".

That's quite enough devastating wordplay for one day.

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